Spring Doodle

I read somewhere that doodling reveals a lot about a person.  And doodling flowers suggest an amiable- family-centric person.  It seems a simplistic explanation, but it works for me.  Here is my Spring Doodle.  We’ve started to have warm weather here in New York, and I’m so happy to shed my winter wears that I […]

Orange Is The New Black

You can’t go wrong with rich warm Fall colors to brighten up and accentuate your wardrobe, and home. Add a splash of warm Fall colors to your Winter drab!

Color & Texture

Nature inspired yellow.  Fall colors and texture.

TGIF & Personalized Mugs

A little Personalized mug for me and my sister.  Happy Friday everyone.

A Little Bit of Spring

Fall weather is starting to creep up – a chill in the air, and leaves are slowly changing their colors.  It’s still in the comfortable 70 degrees, although, I’m told that this warm September weather is not usual here in New York.  Usual or not, I’ll take as much sunshine as I can get.  These […]

Lost In The Clouds

                                      A clear beautiful Fall day before Falls arrival