Tevi Woehl is an illustrator and surface designer based in California.  She began her career as a graphic designer for the film industry in Los Angeles, working with major studios like Disney, Warner Brothers, and Sony home entertainment.   After the birth of her daughter, she started Tevi Woehl Studio to focus on what she loves most – illustration.  Drawing has always been a big part of her personal and professional life.  If drawing is her love, than traveling is her passion.  A major body of her work is inspired by her travels around the world, and drawing on culture and nature as inspiration.  You can  find much of these elements in her second coloring book “Tropical: Adult Coloring Book“.  New York City:  Adult Coloring Book is her first publication.

For your projects contact:
Tel:  (415) 937-1198
Email:  tevi@teviwoehl.com